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I live in Forres, Moray (near Inverness in the north of Scotland), since 2003. My musical skills and activities are diverse and wide ranging.

      My song teaching work includes leading regular open-access choirs, workshops of various lengths, and one-to-one teaching.
      Instrumentally I run so-called scratch bands using music from the east European circle dance repertoire to give musicians of all abilities the opportunity to play music for dancers.
      My performance work includes jazz and folk based work in various settings and formats, ranging from wedding jazz gigs in posh hotels to folk festivals in muddy fields.
      My passion for songs from the Republic of Georgia includes both performance and teaching.

      Trained on classical piano, I discovered jazz at University. There I experienced for the first time the joy of musicians playing together and for other people, creating an atmosphere that enveloped and enfolded the audience and enabled them to have a good time. I've been playing in bands ever since. This passion for jazz includes playing what I call sleaze piano ("cocktail jazz" if you prefer) at 5-star hotels and restaurants. As a church choirboy I experienced (as I can see in retrospect) the power of communal singing but stopped when my voice broke and only started again when my children came along.

      My interest in circle dance came from a joy of the music and witnessing the use of live music to move people in dance in ways that were different from the usual forms of dance we see in the West. That led to learning the piano accordion and darabuka (percussion), and then leading instrumental workshops empowering people in ways they thought impossible.

      For the last 20 years I have used these same skills in choirs, and this is now my greatest teaching joy, running regular groups as well as workshops.

Above all, I believe that music is there to move us, to feed our souls and to bring us together, for our health and for our wellbeing.

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I use music in many different settings to create community, to foster harmony and to bring people together. My intention is to help this happen whether I am teaching or performing.

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